Pizza style postal boxes

We manufacture a range of pizza style postal boxes (also known as FEFCO Style 0426 or 0427), providing an efficient protective packaging solution for your eCommerce distribution needs.

Pizza style postal boxes are supplied flat making them easy to store. They are quick and easy to assemble due to their hinged lid design with simple tuck-in flaps. As pizza style boxes are self-interlocking only a security seal is required to safeguard the protects during the final mile delivery. Additional paper-based fitments or buffering can also be added to hold products securely within the pack.

Our Pizza style postal boxes are FSC® certified, 100% recyclable and made from a renewable resource. These boxes are a great option for consumers as they can be recycled in the regular kerbside cardboard recycling system.

Pizza style postal boxes are manufactured bespoke to your requirements and utilising various print finishes, they can be printed on both the inside and the outside, to include handling instructions, product/sustainability information or branding.